Storage solution for kids T-shirts

I was perusing Pinterest one day, and I came across a brilliant idea! My inspiration came from an idea on this blog. I can totally relate to this blogger. Like me, she’s a pretty orderly person, but sometimes the drawers (and other places in the house) can get a little untidy. Take my kids’ drawers for example.

Does your child’s t-shirt drawer look a little crazy? Click on my before/after pic below so you can see it bigger. Although this doesn’t look TOO messy, you can only see a few shirts! My kids have so many t-shirts, but they probably don’t wear half of them because we just pick up the same shirts on top…week after week. But after I folded the shirts and stacked them vertically…voila! Now you can see every shirt they own, and it makes picking out clothes so much easier. You can even organize by color if you’re feeling super organized! 🙂

Here is my other child’s drawer.

Just a word of advice…if you’re hoping for way more space by doing this, you  might be disappointed. I was still able to fit all the shirts into the drawer, but there was no extra space. I also tried this for my husband’s t-shirt drawer, but our drawers weren’t deep enough to fit his larger shirts. If you had deep drawers, it should work though.

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