Free printable map for license plate game

Mommas, Fall Break is coming!! Here is a classic, fun game that still keeps kids entertained for hours. Before our last vacation, I found this free printable map and used it for the license plate game. When we found a new license plate, we colored in that state on the map.

We found a ton of different plates on our vacation, but even after our trip was over, I was  determined to find all 50 states (well, except for maybe Hawaii). Three months later, we only need to find a few more…I am proud to say that we have even found Alaska (at a garage sale!).

Click here for the free printable map:

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  1. Amy April 7, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    After months of playing the license plate game, we finally finished over Spring break! Our last state was New Hampshire, and we found that one in Georgia at a mall. 🙂

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